These are actual testimonials from love spells and other spell clients that have had spells performed by myself. Some of these have had very very tough situations, but through all of this one fact remains... They still are on the testimonials page, because of the success of their spell!!! You can have the same!!!

 Oh my lordly Michael, I GOT TERRY BACK. I’m so excited, It only took a 1 1/2 weeks for him to come home. Bless divinity and bless god. i must be dreaming as i never thoughts he would be back to me after all this time. I am so much shock and just can’t believe my eyes. Thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart. Anita

 He did an amazing spell for me to help me deal with a really difficult boss who was abusing me at work. I didn't know what to do until Michael promised that his spell would fix this abusive situation so I would not have to deal with my boss again and feel safer and less stressed at work! Only a month later, I saw really amazing effects, my boss was finally starting to get what she deserved and not get away with things anymore...it's still continuing so good things are coming out of Prophet of Godess spell and now I can go to work with peace of mind and concentrate on my job without getting harassed!



You are working on a spell for me. So far I am very impressed with the professional manner you handle my case. I have consulted other so called psychics and occultists, but you are definitely the real thing by far.

- Gretl

Here is an amazing update for you! I got up this morning as usual and got a phone call. IT WAS NATHAN!! After you done the spell for me 2 weeks ago, I started to loose faith because it seemed to take so long. Well anyway, we are meeting today for the first time in 8 months! Man I have missed him so much and I cannot wait to meet him today! I'm so happy! I feel like a little kid that just got a new toy! Well, I must prepare for meeting him. I will write you later and tell you how it goes..

With all the thanks a person can give,

- Shannon

Prophet is helping me on a spell now and his service so far has been truly extraordinary.  He takes time to talk with you and explain how spells work.  He is patient and understanding, and you can tell he cares.  There is no question that this is the real thing. Thanks so much for being there.


Thank you for the spells, BLESS MY HOME and SPIRITUAL ENERGY
HEALING.  My home feels peaceful and relaxing.  Everyone here seems to
be more laid back and more kind to each other, especially me.  I feel more
balanced and at peace with myself.  I will definitely be ordering more spells
from you very soon.

Thanks again,
Tony P.

I just wanted to extend my thanks to you as a repeated customer. I am aware
that your spells do not need refreshing per se, but every time I have ordered
with you the most astonishing and wonderful things have happened, and it's
always been an amazingly positive few weeks or months after, which is why I
keep coming back.

It is great to know that there is a helping hand out there whenever I feel the
need for it.

All the best & blessed be,

"I can't get over the attention I get when I use my oil. I am a rather large woman and kind of shy... I wore it the other night and had 5 men flirt with me. I am stunned!"

J. Taylor, Alexandria, VA, 06/02


Greetings Lord Michael Shiva, Thank you for your precious help. I have never been so happy in my
life. I wanted to say that this has been the only spell I ever had cast and it has worked VERY FAST!
My business has taken off and I know the Lord Prophet Michael Shiva made it happen! Thanks.”
Tracy Brandon.

I am truly sorry for ever doubting you. I want to thank you for the help and precious advices you
gave me during the whole process. You can’t imagine how your emails helped me to stay positive
and calm despite my doubts. I should have known you possess true powers from inception when you
accepted my case. Steven just sent me a text message. He wants to meet me and knows he made a
huge mistake when he left me. It was a great surprise. Thank you for bringing my husband back to
me Lord Michael Shiva!

Nancy, Argentina


“I have been to a lot of other spell casters with no results before both during the casting of my spell.
Never in my life had I experienced a powerful energy like the one I felt after you started your work.
I'm glad I found you Lord Michael Shiva. I wish I had come here first. I write to thank you and tell
everyone out there that your spell worked and my boyfriend came back to me after all this time.
I feel a lot better since then and I could not be happier as I look forward to getting your marriage
spell.” Thank you so much Michael Shiva.

Amy Harmon.


Bertha seems to realize that it would be a mistake to divorce. She came back home
yesterday!!! Said she couldn’t live without me. I’m so happy!! I have been waiting on her since
February. I can’t say what I feel, my heart is about to explode, I feel as I’m living again. Thank you
from the bottom of my heart High Prophet and Lord Shiva.

Eric, Canada.